All You Should Know About High Yield Investment Programs

As you know, there’s nothing more depressing than regular but small earnings. And even if your income is higher than the average, all money holdings have main weakness — they invariably get depreciated over the years. Protecting the savings against inflation risks can only be ensured by one of the 2 methods— to work more hours and make more while risking to evolve into a drudge, or to make investing in high-yield investment projects. If you choose the option two, our web site is what you need!

Main Features & Working Principles of High Yield Investment Programs

HYIP Monitoring

So what exactly is HYIP? It is simple: HYIP Program is a high interest investment program. The exuberant term hides the old as Adam Ponzi schemes, operating according to the principle of “to unclothe Peter to clothe Paul”: when earnings of earlier HYIP depositors is created from deposits of new depositors.

Actually, such kind of schemes are a completely lawful and a reasonably common phenomenon — insurers, major banks, pension funds are operating on similar pattern. However, if to extract a share of money cake from a retirement fund or a bank is a really hard and difficult task, even an amateur is able to get fat financial return from HYIP projects.

Searching for Reliable High Yield Investment Project. How to Use Online Monitors

Well you have decided to invest in a HYIP Program. First things first, you should see the investment program payment status on three or four monitoring web-sites, special websites, that track the real solvency of nearly all reliable projects.

On monitors you can obtain not only info about the date and time of the last withdrawal, but you can see tech data about the HYIP as well as read feedbacks of real online investors.

Do you wish to find out more detailed info about how to work with monitors? — Please, tap on the Learn More button just below.

HYIP-themed Forums and Investing Blogs

Having visited online monitors, it’d be appropriate to visit HYIP-related forums & investing blogs.

Here you’ll get access to extensive, candid profiles of
HYIP projects, information on the recent withdrawals, confirmed by screen shots, moreover, you could even contact directly with the online investment project administrator.

Useful Life-hack: HYIP online communities and investing blogs are not only invaluable channel of info on HYIP projects, but alsoan excellent tutorial in the field of investing. Therefore, if you come across a site of a skilled investor or dynamic HYIP-related online community, be sure to join it.

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Initial Coin Offerings as Today’s Ponzi Schemes

Filled with Hi-Tech, large amount of info, the XXI century has caused extensive transforming in financial field. Old as Adam investment scam schemes have took advantage of the Blockchain, being presented to a simple-hearted crowd in the trendy look — Initial Coin Offering.

As you well know, an Initial Coin Offering is a method of fundraising for crypto-related startups, and, most importantly, this method of fund-raising does not have any legislative basis. So it is no wonder that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings is investment scam schemes, which are disguised as highly credible fund-raising startups.

Nonetheless, we can and even should to make big return from Initial Coin Offerings.

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